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The function of the Villa Elevator ?

The function of the Villa Elevator ?

Many villa owners of small villas have almost an annoyed problem, that is, climbing stairs, especially in the summer, running up and down and sweating, then installing an Villa Elevator  at home is simply a plus, the problem is coming, most The size of the villa space is limited, and how to install the elevator, whether the location has the conditions for loading the elevator. Therefore, the otse home elevator has specially carried out hundreds of R&D tests on the basis of the large elevator. Finally, the micro-elevator has been successfully developed on the basis of retaining the original safety factor, quality and structure of the Villa Elevator .
The otse home elevator design department adopts the four principles of “the gantry structure is preferred, the door opening width is greater than 700mm priority, the automatic door priority, the civil engineering hoistway priority” and the reserved position size is adopted.
The width of the hoistway is between 1400mm and 1600mm, and the automatic opening method can be adopted when the depth of the hoistway is >1000. The otse household Villa Elevator  can be used for two kinds of opening methods within the original specified size range. Open the door (the two doors open to one side), the second, the middle folding door (a total of four doors, in the way of splitting the door, four doors on each side of the two fans simultaneously open to the left and right), the middle folding door is otse home The elevator is specially developed on the basis of satisfying the customer's small shaft to open the automatic door. In the case of the jingjing strength dimension of 1300, the middle folding door is used, and the door width can reach 700 door width, which satisfies the owner's The idea that the wheelchair can also enter and exit on the basis of the automatic door on the small shaft.



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