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Tag search results for: "how fast is 5g"
First and foremost, 5G networking will be far faster than 4G. This is a given with each new generation of wireless technology; 5G is certainly no exception.

Enthusiasts are already itching for the answer to the question, “How fast is 5G?” While no exact figure is available just yet, experts anticipate speeds reaching 100 gigabits per second. In other words, 5G could be 1,000 times as fast as 4G. More conservative tests from Qualcomm anticipate browsing at 490 Mbps.

While speed offers a clear advantage, it’s by no means the only improvement on the horizon. In addition to being far faster, new 5G technology will be more stable and reliable than 4G. Experts fully expect lower latency, especially in the aforementioned mMTC service category.

How Is 5G Going to Work?

Upcoming 5G networks will operate in a higher frequency portion of the wireless spectrum: somewhere between 30 GHz and 300 GHz. Data can travel at lightning-fast speeds in this area (known to some as the ‘millimeter wave spectrum’), but it doesn’t go very far. Think of it as akin to sustaining a sprint versus a 5K race. Average speed may be far faster for a sprint, but it’s only sustained over 50 or 100 yards.

To ensure reliability, 5G broadband networks will feature far more antennas, all in the interest of avoiding obstacles. In the future, mini-antennas will be placed throughout homes and businesses to accommodate 5G devices.

Read More:  https://www.fieldengineer.com/blogs/what-is-5g

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