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Tag search results for: "elevator lift"
Is household elevator safer to have a counter weight? Household Elevator Lift without counter weight feel missing something. So don't feel safe, is this the case?
Strong traction drive (no counter weight) household elevator working principle:
The control panel receives the input signal, the control system accepts the command, and the traction machine rotates to drive the wire rope to elongate. The wire rope drives the car to move linearly along the guide rail to lift and lower the car and the cargo .
Because there is no weight in the strong drive elevator, but forced by mechanical force, this is the biggest difference from the ordinary traction type household elevator. At the same time, it saves the space occupied by the counter weight in the hoistway. Calculated that in the same size hoistway, no counter weight can save about 25% of the area size compared with the counter weight. These saved areas can be designed. In the car, the car area is larger and can carry more people or goods.
Household elevator, household elevator safety, household elevator safety, household elevator safety mechanism, household elevator safety tips
Strong drive household elevator advantages:
1, Hoistway saves space compared with the traditional elevator and the car area is maximized;
2, Elevator structure is more simple and integrated with fewer parts;
3, Elevator runs smooth and the noise is small;
4, Elevator wire rope has excellent wear resistance and high service life; (the plastic coated steel wire is composed of steel wire rope and plastic coated material, the plastic coated material is wrapped outside the steel wire rope. The plastic coated steel wire has excellent Wear resistance and fatigue resistance, high service life, easy maintenance, elevators with plastic coated steel cables run smooth and comfortably.)
5, Higher security, no safety hazards such as squats and spikes;
6, Maintenance is simple in the later stage, and the maintenance cost is low.
There are counter weight elevators and elevator safety systems without counter weights, safety gear speed limiters and so on. The effect on the weight is to reduce the power of the traction machine and balance the car coefficient.
Why reduce the power of the traction machine? Part of it is to save electricity, and to improve the performance of the traction machine.
Balance balance the car coefficient? Balance the car coefficient so that the elevator can run faster, and some hundreds of buildings need a fast speed elevator.
For elevators with five floors and below, there is no need to compare elevator power and elevator speed, so the two are used the same. Household elevators have a clear regulation: the elevator speed cannot exceed 0.4m/s.
The biggest difference between elevators with counter weights and no counter weights is that there is no space for counter weight elevators. It is a good choice for owners who have small private villas and are not equipped with elevators.

Installing a residential ventilation might not be feasible for your current design plans, but before you give up on your dream to easily transport items from one level to the other, there is something worth considering.
There is a significant amount of risk associated with shifting heavy items from one level to the other. Most of the injuries take place on the stairs, which is why it is more dangerous to be moving heavy objects around the house using the stairs. Choose to install residential Small Elevators For Homes, you will not need to worry about getting injured while performing such tasks and can easily give your home the makeover that it needs by shifting around the furniture with ease.
For a minute, think about the agonizing task of transporting laundry or groceries from one floor to the other. With a residential elevator, you do not need to worry about going through that agony again. Also, your kids will be out of excuses when you A residential elevator addresses all the daily struggles of a mother – teach your kids how to use it to complete simple chores, and continue to ease Your burden.
Ease of Cleaning
A residential elevator will act as an assistant for household chores, especially for housekeepers (whether that is you, or someone you've hired). Quickly and efficiently carry all your cleaning supplies across the different floors of the house in minutes. Will cut down the time it takes to clean the house by half, which can even save you money in the long run if this is something you outsource by the hour.
Minimal Maintenance
So, as the gatekeeper of your home, right now I'm sure you're convinced of the many great benefits delivered by the residential elevator, but maybe you're still not sure of how to fit this installation in your redesign plan... , we have good news. You can also find small elevator(measuring up to 18" x 18" x 6") that will easily fit in the structure of your house and will not require you to clear a huge space for it. And after Installation, elevator do not require regular maintenance updates and are thus considered to be a home owner's best friend!
You can find a variety of different designs and drive mechanisms for your elevator, all of which are considered to be extremely durable and long-lasting.
Additional Things to Consider
Before you start contacting professional elevator installation companies, it is important to figure out whether installing a elevator will be the right option for you. Here are some quick things to consider; a practical checklist so you can narrow down your options:
    It is beneficial to first make sure that there will be no obstacles in the desired route, such as bathtubs, wiring, plumbing lines, or other such structures.
    You need about 4 square feet to get a hoist-way build. Even though you have limited room, ensuring the space will make the process easier.
    Another important thing to determine before the installation is the usage of the elevator. This mainly involves the kind of items that will be expected to be carried by the residential elevator. This will be important information that can be given to the professionals performing the installation, And will help you determine the right choice for you.
    Most of the residential elevator allow 3 to 4 stops, however, it is helpful to decide the number of stops beforehand, according to your needs.

Accessibility and vertical transportation are invariable together in many types of facilities. Many of the building codes do address various aspects of accessibility in regards to elevator sizes and features. However the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) remains separate from the building code and is a Civil law. What this means is that while codes and standards are evolving to meet the necessary demands of ADA, it is still a person wearing a black robe who will be the ultimate judge of an owner's accessibility issue.
Now that our own disclaimers are out of the way, there is an option in ASME A17.1 that may address some ADA issues for some owners that do not have to move the general public. For example, many retail clients have only one shopping floor Open to the general public, but keep stock or back office space on another floor.
Elevator signAccessibility for employees needs to be addressed, and many clients end up installing a passenger type elevator to address access. This can cause operational problems when the China Passenger Elevator is then used to move stock, or larger items more suitable for a freight elevator.
The Code prohibits carrying of passengers on freight elevators. Only the operator and those involved in the movement of freight are permitted to ride the elevator. ASME A17.1 requirement 2.16.4 does permit freight elevators to carry passengers if certain design elements are included in The elevator.
Careful application of this rule in design will permit the installation of a freight elevator suitable for moving stock or freight and employees. One of the key fundamental requirements of this rule is that the freight elevator cannot be available to the general public. That a retail client can install a freight elevator and not worry about damaging a passenger elevator by using it the wrong way and still provide access for employees between floors.
There are a number of other key design requirements in this rule that must be provided to meet the requirements. Careful coordination in applying this aspect of the Code is essential.

A platform lift is a platform that moves along a rail that's attached to your stairs, giving you access to your whole home. The platform can transport a person in a wheelchair, a person who is standing up or a person seated on a flip-down It's the ideal solution for transporting people and / or cargo up and down stairs.
A platform can be fitted for access up one or several flights of stairs, so could be the ideal solution for you to reach your whole house.
Who can use a platform lift?
Anyone can use a platform lift thanks to its convenient flip-down seat. Whether you use a wheelchair or not, a platform lift can carry you smoothly up your stairs. An added benefit of a platform lift is its capacity to carry heavy cargo, meaning You have an easy solution to carry heavy goods up and down your stairs, without putting yourself in danger.
Where can I have a platform lift installed?
Like a stairlift, a platform lift must be installed on steps. The good news is that whatever your steps are like - whether they're long or short, indoors or outdoors, straight or curved, andWhat they're made of, a platform However, due to the size of a platform lift when it is unfolded for use, it can't be installed on very narrow staircases, as it needs space to be able to travel all the way up. , when it's not in use, a platform lift folds up neatly, leaving plenty of room on the steps for anyone who wants to use them.Small Elevators For Homes Indoor Platform Lift

 All you need, is to have a power outlet by your staircase for a platform lift to be fitted, to get you moving on your stairs.
    Cheap to run
    Quick to install
    Extremely quiet
    Can Carry heavy cargo
    A cost-effective solution
    No building work necessary
    Folds away neatly when not in use
    Can be removed easily if necessary
    Not very comfortable to ride
    You can’t choose where you install it
    Is more conspicuous than a home lift and a stairlift

As a special product, passenger elevator is widely used in public places where all kinds of people gather. Once people trapped in elevator, the social impact is serious. Behind the security incident, is it really like people think, just because the quality of the Passenger elevator is not satisfactory? Or do you think that the elevator or escalator safety failure rate is quite high?
There is a saying in the elevator industry that the quality of the elevator mainly depends on the installation. For the newly installed elevators, the installation and maintenance is already very important, and for the old elevators, more maintenance is needed. As the industry expert Has said, comprehensive management must be carried out in terms of standards, manufacturing, installation and maintenance to improve the quality of elevators. In fact, the number and capacity of installers currently does not match the number of new elevators.
To be the long-term, stable and reliable operation of elevators and escalators, good maintenance and maintenance are indispensable.
It is reported that the current lift maintenance is divided into two forms: one is the maintenance or entrusted company of the original lift maintenance; the second is that the elevator use company employs a third-party lift maintenance company for maintenance. Professionals say that there For many, the order of save expenses, the lift maintenance company is hired at a price significantly lower than the cost. The maintenance is just a form. In addition, the number of elevators is growing "In actual lift maintenance, some companies reduce the number of lift", "the actual lift maintenance, some companies reduce the number of lift Maintenance and projects. Or no lift maintenance at all, only to deal with emergency repairs, which invisibly increases the risk of elevator use."For more information, please contact us at Otse China Passenger Elevator Manufacturer.

Is it comfortable in your family life? It has a lot to do with whether the design is reasonable. Small elevators for homes with high-quality solutions that allow you to take "less detours".
In the past, the villas needed to go up and down the stairs. But with Small Elevators For Homes, there is a new living style that allows you to Go up and down the stairs at the click of a button.
Small elevators for homes, small elevators for homes cost, small elevators for homes india price, small elevators for homes soulution
In particular, the current small elevators for homes can save some parts of the ordinary elevators and occupy space, which can reduce the space of the shaft, thus perfectly solving the Problem of space occupation. The individualization of the small elevators for homes offers many possibilities.
Even if it is a small number of home elevators, the size design is quite flexible. Unlike traditional home elevator, today's small elevators for homes do not need to dig deep pits or top-level machine rooms, which brings good news to those who don 't want to dig a pit.
Small elevators for homes, small elevators for homes cost, small elevators for homes india price, small elevators for homes solution
Here to remind everyone that when choosing a home elevator, it is necessary to understand the habits of using members, the layout of the villa, the civil engineering requirements and the utilization of the shaft, so that the home elevator can exert its maximum value.
Otse China Hangzhou elevator
Solve the problem of customer's shaft size. Even if the reserved size is small, we can provide a quality small elevators for homes solution. If you you want to know how do Small elevators for homes cost, feel free to contact us!



The elevator is a kind of electric motor driven vertical lift, with box shaped pod, for multistory buildings or by people carrying goods. There are steps, step plate installed in continuous operation of the track, commonly known as the escalator or walkway. A vertical elevator has a car that runs between a rigid guide rail of at least two columns of a vertical or inclined angle less than 15 degrees. Here is a look at the installation of the elevator steps and methods As well as how much money to install the China Passenger Elevator.
Step and method of loading the elevator
Elevator installation method
According to the actual situation, we use the construction site crane installation method, which will lift tower crane base frame, section three of the standard, fence, cage, driving plate after installation, then adding installation, until it reaches the height.
2, elevator installation steps
First, infrastructure (base) will lift infrastructure based on the tower crane with hanging on the elevator installation, using the level (ruler) leveling standard interface, and the gap between the base frame and the infill, and then tighten the anchor bolts.
Second, the bottom three guide frame (standard) installed at the bottom of the section three of the standard on the ground together, with the crane hanging on the base interface, using theodolite vertical adjustment (1/1000), tighten the bolt tightening torque Is 350N.M. Construction elevator accessories accessories price quotation of construction elevator elevator base and the base section after installation, can be assembled outside the cage, the cage door frame verticality adjustment (1/1000), the outside of the cage door open and Flexible.
Fourth, cage installation
The six buffer spring on the framework after the installation of tower crane will lift, cage, slowly in place on the standard section, placed in the buffer spring.
The drive device installation
Release brake motor: first remove the two pin, removed before the opening to make a mark on the nut, so after the restoration of two screw nut, make sure the two nuts parallel backspin, until the brake released, can pull the brake disc. Can also be used as a wedge to drive the motor brake device, so that the brake release.
The tower crane is used for lifting driving device, from above the standard section in place, will drive the cage and connecting ear plate of good, through the pin shaft, and fixed (lift through the sensor pin, with overload device and the stop groove Upward, installed on the fixed plate). After lifting and installing the driving device, the performance of the motor braking device is restored.
Construction elevator installation notes:
1 the construction elevator driver must undergo special safety training and examination certificates. Strict drink operation.
2 the driver must be familiar with the operation of the elevator performance, construction, maintenance, maintenance knowledge, according to the provisions of the timely completion of mechanical records and the provisions of the report.
Less than 3 of the construction elevator around 5m, shall not be stacked flammable, flammable and other debris, not within the scope of ditches, pits, grooves. Elevator floor inlet should be set up shelter.
4 ladder cage maintenance, if the removed parts after the cage ladder weighs less than weight, must be locked in a cage guide frame.
5 prohibit the use of the derrick construction elevator horizontal pulling cable support and other slogans and lift irrelevant articles.
6 the same site construction of tower crane or other lifting machinery should be from the construction of the elevator 5m above, and should have reliable anti collision measures.
7 after the construction of the elevator installation, must be approved by the relevant personnel to be put into use.


The home Villa Elevator is installed in the villa above the second floor and is only used by one family member. It is stipulated that the running speed should not exceed 0.4m/s and the carrying capacity should not exceed 400kg. At present, there are three main types of driving for household elevators, namely hydraulic type, traction type and screw type. The comparison of the three types of home elevators is now for reference only.
Hydraulic type: The hydraulic elevator has low requirements for civil construction and shallow pits. However, the larger limit of the hydraulic elevator is that there is a possibility of oil leakage. If it is installed indoors, the impact is relatively large.
Traction type: traction type home elevator technology is more mature, the scope of use is wider, the noise is smaller, the operation is more stable, but the requirements for civil construction are high, the space is large, and the elevator brand is many and complicated. If the existing well is in the home, It is suitable for choosing a brand with a relatively high market share that suits your size.
Screw type: The pit only needs 5-7mm. The special structure makes the screw elevator not lose weight, and the top layer requirements are relatively low. Screw elevators are now more dominant in the market, but imported screw elevators are relatively high in price. There are also screw elevators in China, but the technology and appearance are still not comparable to imported brands. At the same time, the imported brands are mostly general agents and secondary agents. It is recommended to confirm directly with the relevant manufacturers when purchasing.
When you buy a home elevator, you must make a shop-to-shop. In addition to having a good understanding of the specific market conditions of the elevator market, you should also choose several home elevator products to compare and make comparisons. Excellent choice. In addition, it is necessary to say that some consumers only pursue cheap prices, which will bring the daily safety risks to the family because of the quality and safety problems of the elevators.

As a representative of high-end properties, villas are increasingly favored by high-end home buyers. The purpose of buying a villa is to let the family enjoy a higher quality of life. However, a villa without a lift is not as flat as many people think.
First of all, in order to save the area, some developers will fix the stairs steeply and narrowly. It is very difficult to go up and down. In addition, if there are old people and children in the family, it is more inconvenient to go up and down the building, and there are certain security risks. Sometimes I feel that a valuable villa is not as comfortable as a flat floor.
However, once an elevator is installed, the "traffic" situation in the home will be greatly improved, just as the advertising of a big-name manufacturer says "up and down enjoyment."
Just like buying a car depends on the configuration, watching the power, seeing the function, and buying the elevator. There are also some things that must be known. Then we will briefly talk about the points to pay attention to when buying a Villa Elevator.
A look at the drive: traction drive
The hydraulic villa elevator belongs to the traditional home elevator design and is used in large quantities in North America and Europe. However, there are defects such as oil leakage, loud noise and high power consumption. In recent years, its sales volume is also declining. Today's hydraulic technology is more used in large tonnage special elevators.
Therefore, the elevator adopting the permanent magnet synchronous traction technology has the characteristics of stable lifting, comfortable riding, quiet operation and low energy consumption, and is preferred for the household ladder.
Second look at the way to open the door: automatic door
The structure of the hand-drawn door is similar to the door commonly used in our home, but the door lock linkage device is more, which is characterized by the heavy feeling of opening the door and the inconvenience of opening and closing the door. In addition, the hand-operated door has no car door protection design, which objectively increases the safety hazard of riding the ladder.
The automatic door is the same as the public passenger elevator, with double protection of the car door and the hall door. At the same time, for the sake of space saving, most villa elevators choose side-by-side automatic doors. Because the side-by-side automatic door can save a large amount of building area and utilize the width of the hoistway as much as possible, and can be easily used by disabled people and elderly people with limited mobility, it also reflects the humanized design considerations.
Third look at the manufacturer
Due to the rapid development of the elevator industry in the past few years, a large number of elevator manufacturers of various grades have emerged in China. If consumers do not identify them, it is easy to buy products with low cost performance.
However, the villa elevator will buy one, and it is not necessary to go to the manufacturer to inspect it. Here is a simple method, which is to understand the manufacturer's production qualification before purchasing. Specifically, if the salesperson wants the manufacturer's "special equipment manufacturing license" passenger elevator column, if it is A grade, it means that the elevator will buy back. It is in line with the national standard, and there will be no major problems.

The elevator is the vertical means of transportation of the building, and the quality of its selection and configuration is related to the rational use of the entire building, especially for high-rise modern buildings.
The excellent selection configuration means that passengers and goods are quickly, conveniently and safely circulated in the building, which means increasing the utilization of the building area, saving equipment and energy and reducing costs. Zhang Yan, assistant general manager and director of the technical department of Guangri Elevator, said that the configuration of the elevator should carefully understand the building's own situation and the use environment, including the use, size, height, passenger and cargo flow of the building. Each type of China Passenger Elevator  has its functional configuration requirements and applicable occasions, and its reasonable choice is the basis for ensuring the building's traffic. When purchasing, you should match the properties of the building with the properties of the elevator. The key indicator of elevator traffic flow is also the indicator that should be paid attention to. It includes: 5min passenger load factor, which is the main indicator to measure the elevator transport capacity. It refers to the number of passengers transporting passengers in the building within 5min and the elevator in the building. The ratio of the total number of people. The average gap time, the average gap time refers to the time interval between the elevator car arriving at the base station and the last time; the average travel time, the average travel time reflects the passenger's boarding time, that is, the time required to enter the destination station from the car. . There are other factors including hoistway utilization, overall ladder efficiency (energy efficiency indicators), machine room selection, full life cycle cost, door opening method and door opening size.
The good configuration of the elevator is: the load is moderate, the number of ladders is large, and the function of group control is available. In this way, sufficient carrying capacity can be achieved, and the average gap time and the average travel time are reasonable, so that the passenger waiting time is not too long.


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